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What is IPFS ?

One of the most significant flaws with the internet, as it is today, is its centralization. On the one hand, centralization provides a substantial benefit as it enables the system to deliver information at high speed. The information on the internet is centralized since all data is kept in large server farms controlled by specific entities such as companies. Nevertheless, this system means that the internet is prone to censorship and it also creates a single point of failure. 

To solve these problems stemming from the Internet’s centralization, a decentralized network would be ideal. A decentralized solution to storing and accessing files comes in the form of the Inter Planetary File System or IPFS. 

We harness the power of IPFS technology to allow users to host decentralized website content, which can be linked to NFT domains so they can be resolved in browsers. While we offer the ability for users to build websites using our own templates, we also allow users to externally design and code from scratch or use a third-party builder. In these instances, the user is required to manually pin their website files to an IPFS node, then link the content to their domain.

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