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Import Domain

If you received web3domain from someone else or you minted at 3rd party platform the domain will not be visible in your dashboard.
To able to update records in blockchain and to get listed in your “User Dashboard” page.
Follow the steps below.

1- Visit dashboard page.
2- Here you will have to connect your wallet into polygon main net with same wallet address you received. It will automatically create account for you.

After you get connected, you will be landed on user dashboard page. This page will contain all the domain name you have register. This page will be used for any modification in your domain later.

If your domain is not listed.
Click on Import Domain from the top bar menu.

Here enter your domain name received.
It will connect to blockchain and check the domain owner address.
Later it will assign domain to owner wallet address.

If it’s current login account same as owner address, you will able to see the domain.

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